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Get into their mind

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Welcome to the profilers community, a list for people who are interested in general criminology and the psychological and sociological aspect of crime and criminals in general.

Feel free to browse and look around and even join if it interests you.

Mind that there are a few rules of conduct though and that you agree to them by subscribing to this group :

(x) All posts should be on topics related to the intrests of this group.

(x) We are not here to glorify or worship crime or criminals.

(x) Netiquette is active here, and although we can disagree,
we will always do so with respect for the opinion and views of others.

(x) There is no place here for discrimination of individuals, minorities or social groups.

(x) The moderator reserves the right to delete posts and members of the group
who don't follow these rules.

The main reason why we are here is to have fun...let's keep it that way !